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Are you looking for an accessible storage unit for your merchandise or inventory? At Sunbird, we’re committed to helping business owners find a smarter solution for their commercial storage. Our storage units are flexible, reliable, and accommodating for many storage needs. Don’t settle for unreliable storage – choose a business storage unit from Sunbird.

Find the Right Commercial Storage Solution with Sunbird

Is your office overcrowded with inventory and equipment? Are you struggling to keep your paper records and business self storage organized? Instead of trying to organize your current office storage space with minimal success, why not find a better solution for your business inventory and merchandise – Sunbird Storage.

At Sunbird Storage, we offer our customers a wide range of business storage units that can save you time and money. Renting an extra office or warehouse space can be very expensive, and isn’t always ideal for retail businesses or commercial businesses if they’re difficult to access. That’s why we provide a more affordable business self storage solution. Our self storage units start at 25 square feet and go up to 300 square feet, providing storage solutions of every shape and size. Simply select the storage unit for office storage with the right square footage and features that suit your needs. We offer climate-controlled storage and other amenities that help protect your most important files or retail inventory.

Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar retail business or need a better solution for your corporate office, with Sunbird, you don’t have to rent additional office space just for your inventory or documents. Our business storage units are the perfect low-cost option for you to store documents, excess inventory, equipment, or seasonal items. Just contact Sunbird Storage, get the storage unit for office storage with the amenities you require, and you won’t have to think twice about commercial storage. Our storage units for business are the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Sunbird’s Commercial Storage Benefits

No long-term contracts.

At Sunbird, you only pay for the storage you need for as long as you need it. We never make you sign long-term contracts or rental agreements. When you rent business storage from Sunbird you can always depend on our transparency from the start, at every single storage facility.

Do you receive regular shipments that you have to arrange a time to receive?

We offer delivery acceptance on your behalf and keep them safe until you can place them in your storage unit. We can also hold a key for your commercial storage unit and have your deliveries directly placed into your unit, so you can send and receive mail easily and never stray from your business plans. Some of our facilities offer services for receiving shipments and placing items in your business storage unit.

Secure storage units.

Sunbird Storage has high-tech security, and everyone accessing the facility must have a personalized access code. The security of your items is important to us, and our security features help keep your property safe while you’re away.

Smart business storage solutions.

Whether you have commercial storage needs, or just need a temporary business storage unit, our facility is equipped to handle your needs. You can select the storage unit that fits your business. Plus, our spacious storage units can accommodate a number of your items with ease. Just select the right storage unit for office storage, and move forward knowing that your possessions are in the best hands. Explore our Storage Unit Size Guide, or storage tips for business owners, to find the right size for you.

Contact us to talk with one of our storage experts about the benefits of using commercial storage for your business needs. If you’re wondering which storage unit is right for you, our Storage Unit Size Guide can help you discover the best storage units for your business needs.

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